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Two Coffee lovers, three cupboards full of coffee, 37 mugs, 5 different coffee machines and one great passion... Coffee Perfectionist is born.
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Bean to cup

There are some truly wonderful “Bean To Cup” Coffee Machines out there – machines that grind the beans for you and produce an immense, aromatic and fresh cup of coffee. We have compared and reviewed the best machines available on the market!


Between us we are the proud owners of 5 different pod machines we regularly use! We have tried and tested loads of different ones. Our top picks are compared and reviewed at our full Pod Machine Guide:


Coffee Perfectionist was started by Neil and Lara. We love coffee, particularly at home. We truly believe that anyone can recreate that unique taste and feel of drinking a luxury cup of coffee out and about – in the comfort of your own home!

That is why we created this site – to help others discover the joys of drinking coffee at home that is BETTER than coffee shop coffee!

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Our Coffee Blog is full of useful information and ideas to get the most out of everything coffee. Our latest posts are below:

Best Pod Capsule Coffee Machine 2020 UK

Deciding on the best capsule or coffee pod machine can be a little overwhelming to say the least... There are loads to choose from! In this post, we will review the best pod coffee machines on the market right now in 2020. Enough chit chat, lets dive right in with the...

Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machine 2020 UK

Enjoying freshly ground coffee made with luxurious coffee beans is an experience that cannot be compared! Grinding the beans each time a cup is made gives you the best possible flavour. There are a number of fantastic Bean to Cup Coffee Machines available on the...

Best Coffee Grinder 2020 UK

A coffee grinder is an essential for a coffee enthusiast, it is also the perfect gift for a coffee lover. So which is the best coffee grinder to buy? How much do you need to spend to get a good one? Does brand matter? All of these questions and more will be answered...

What Is a Burr Coffee Grinder?

In order to brew the perfect coffee, you need to turn the coffee beans into coffee grounds. There are two main ways to do this, you can either use an electric or manual grinder, and in both of these types, you can select from a burr grinder or a blade grinder.  ...

Is Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

The good news is for coffee lovers, that your morning cup of coffee could actually help you to loose weight! Now, let's not get too excited about this prospect... Drinking one or two cups of coffee in the morning can help to boost your metabolic rate, by stimluating...

Is Coffee Bad For Dogs

    Yes. Coffee is bad for dogs (and cats!) Whilst it is not necessarily the coffee that is the threat, it is the caffeine found in coffee that can extremely dangerous to dogs, and cats alike. Dogs and cats are far more sensitive to caffeine than humans and...