Best Coffee Grinder 2021 UK

A coffee grinder is an essential for a coffee enthusiast, it is also the perfect gift for a coffee lover.

So which is the best coffee grinder to buy? How much do you need to spend to get a good one? Does brand matter?

All of these questions and more will be answered when we explore the top 10 coffee grinders on the market today.

Lets start with the best budget friendly coffee grinders. (Scroll down to find more indulgent purchases.)


Best Budget Coffee Grinders Under £20

1. Savisto Electric Coffee Grinder


Savisto Electric Coffee Grinder Review


This is the best coffee grinder for the least amount of money.

You can grind not only coffee, but nuts and herbs too.

The Savisto grinder would make an excellent inexpensive stocking filler present for a person who loves coffee.

The clear lid helps to to see when the contents has been ground to the right level. This lid must be down for the blades to work, (the button must also be pressed to activate the blade).


Savisto Electric Coffee Grinder Review


Key Features of the Savisto coffee grinder:

  • Easy to use – one button control
  • 70g capacity
  • Cheap and cheerful
  • Easy to clean
  • Small body for easy storage, rubber feet for grip


Cons of the Savisto coffee grinder:

  • No measuring guide or scoop to know how many coffee beans to use
  • Maximum 30 seconds grind followed by 30 seconds rest
  • Feels plasticy


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2. Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder


Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder


The Andrew James coffee grinder is another cheap and cheerful coffee grinder with a simple one button control.

It allows you to grind herms, seeds nuts and other small ingredients.

This coffee grinder has a 70g capacity, which doesn’t sound like much, but is enough to make around 10 cups of freshly brewed coffee.

A transparent lid helps you to see if the contents is ground, (this saves mess as you don’t have to keep opening the lid to check.


Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder


Key Features of the Andrew James coffee grinder:

  • Cheap – especially when on offer
  • Simple operation
  • Small body for easy storage
  • 70g capacity (enough for 10 cups)
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to wipe clean


Cons of the Andrew James coffee grinder:

  • Not great for fine herbs
  • Cheap quality
  • Awkward to tip out the ground contents without spilling any of it


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3. Hunt Brothers Manual Coffee Grinder


Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder


The Hunt Brothers manual grinder is award winning for its unique design and excellent performance.

There is a strand of doubt in the mind when you consider a manual grinder; will it be hard to turn? Will the handle get jammed? Will it provide as good of a grind as an electric grinder?

The answers are; no, it isn’t hard to turn, it has an ergonomic handle and a conical ceramic burr.

A ‘conical ceramic burr’ is the type of grinder which is different to a regular blades and works by ‘crushing’ the coffee beans.

The conical burr can be set at 18 different levels to allow a larger space between the grinding disks to achieve a very fine grind or a coarse grind. There 18 different settings in total.

It will provide a comparable grind to an electric grinder, the only difference is the time it takes to grind the coffee.

It takes around 1 minute of grinding for enough coffee for two large mugs.

One of the major advantages of the manual grinder is its ease of use whilst travelling. If you are going on a touring or camping holiday, or even staying in a caravan at the seaside, you will find it much easier to transport this manual grinder than an electric one.

Not only that, if you have no power source and you are camping, a manual grinder is a perfect thing to break out for the most wonderful cup of coffee.

The other thing I love about this manual grinder is that it is WAY quieter than using an electric grinder.. ever tried to make fresh coffee quietly in the morning using an electric grinder? Impossible. Whereas a manual one isn’t much louder than pepper mill sound.


Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder review


Key features of the Hunt Brothers coffee grinder:

  • 18 different levels of grind, ranging from fine to coarse.
  • Small and easy to store – comes with a travel bag
  • Easy to use and switch between settings
  • Quiet to use – perfect for early mornings!
  • Great for use when travelling
  • Grinds pour easily into the brewer after grinding
  • Feels high quality not made of plastic


Cons of the Hunt brothers manual grinder:

  • Takes a bit of time to grind the beans, it is a labour of love manually grinding coffee beans, but worth it
  • The bottom piece which holds the ground coffee in sometimes feels like it may come loose, it doesn’t, but does make you hold onto it incase.
  • Not really suitable for grinding anything other than coffee


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4. Duronic CG250 Electric Coffee Grinder


Duronic CG250 Electric Coffee Grinder


The Duronic electric coffee grinder has a larger motor (250W) than some of the other cheaper grinders, meaning it will grind through almost anything with ease and without having to take breaks every 30 seconds.

The thing I like about this grinder is the metal cup that sits inside the clear plastic outer, it is removable to easily get the coffee grind to the brewing device.

It also makes the machine very easy to clean, the stainless steel bowl can be washed easily, the is good if you intend to use the grinder to grind more than just coffee.

(You need to make sure the blades and container are properly cleaned so you don’t transfer taste or smell onto the next thing that you grind.)

This grinder is small and easy to store or it can be left out on the work surface as it doesn’t take up much space and blends in well to a modern kitchen.


Duronic CG250 Electric Coffee Grinder Review


Key features of the Duronic coffee grinder:

  • Small and easy to store
  • Removable stainless steel cup for ease of use
  • 75g capacity (enough for 10 cups of coffee)
  • Good even grind
  • Quick and easy to use with one button
  • More powerful motors than other grinders (250W)


Cons of the Duronic coffee grinder:

  • Only one setting of speed and level of fineness of grind
  • Loud volume when grinding



5. Krups F20342 Electric Coffee Grinder


Krups F20342 Electric Coffee Grinder


The Krups coffee grinder is actually the coffee grinder that we own in our house. We have had it for around 5 years! And they are still selling the same model! That is saying something.

The reason we liked this one is that is is super easy to use with a one button operation, we aren’t too fussy about different levels of blend fineness.

The Krups machine has two blades to make the grinding process quicker and more effective.

The capacity of the this coffee grinder would be sufficient to produce 15 cups of coffee.

The oval shape makes it easy to hold and to pour and they grinder is incredible small but effective and producing a fine grind.

If you want a coarse grind, hold the button for less time, if you want a fine espresso powder, hold the button for longer.


Krups F20342 Electric Coffee Grinder Review


Key features of the Krups coffee grinder:

  • Small and lightweight, easy to store
  • One button to active the grinding, (with safety features) On / Off switch for extra security
  • Can be used to grind other herbs and spices, not just coffee
  • Powerful twin blades for a quick grind
  • Capacity to make 15 cups of coffee
  • The longer you chop for, the finer the coffee you get


Cons of the Krups coffee grinder:

  • Noisy (like most electric coffee grinders)
  • Not easy to clean, okay for coffee, but if using it for other spices and herbs it would need to be cleaned more thoroughly which is awkward with the blades in the way


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Best Premium Coffee Grinders (Under £70!)


6. Kingtop Electric Coffee Grinder 


KINGTOP Coffee Grinder Electric


The Kingtop grinder looks very fancy and looks far more expensive than it actually is.

At just over £20 it is a bargain for the excellent and easy coffee grind you will achieve every time.
Much like the Krups grinder, the Kingtop one does not have individual setting for the level of coarseness.

The level of finely ground coffee that you desire is controlled by how long you press the button for. (Ranging from 6 seconds, to 15 seconds.)

The Kingtop is ‘low noise’ which is great, as coffee grinders tend to be quite loud!

Although the lid has a weird lip where the ‘on’ button is, this doesn’t affect how easy it is to get the coffee out of the grinder.

This model of coffee grinder also comes with a brush to aid with cleaning.

(The cleaning utensils that most people have around the house are not really suitable for getting around the blades in the confined area of the grinder.)


KINGTOP Coffee Grinder Electric Review


Key features of the Kingtop electric coffee grinder:

  • Can be used to grind not only coffee but also fine seeds
  • Pulse control for the desired level of grind
  • Easy to pour out the contents without making a mess
  • Spare blade included (which you won’t need for a long time) and cleaning brush which helps you get into the crevices underneath the blade
  • Low noise grinding operation – great for early mornings!
  • A plastic disk helps to stop coffee grind overflowing and creating a mess.


Cons of the Kingtop coffee grinder:

  • Advice and instructions on how to change the blade are not clear at all (best to watch a youtube video)
  • Awkward to clean because of the limited space
  • Not great for switching between herbs, spices and coffee, as you can’t clean the blade and container very well


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7. Homgeek Electric Coffee Grinder

Homgeek Coffee Grinder Review


This Homegeek coffee grinder is still budget friendly and offers a lot more functionality for the money, than some other grinders.

If you’re a gadget geek, you will love the dial that allows you to select from 5 precision grind settings. The other sliding gadget allows you to set the machine to 2, 4, 8 or 12 cups of brewed coffee.

I really like that this grinder has a removable stainless steel inner bowl, which makes cleaning the thing much easier and more hygienic. I would blend herbs and spices in this container without the worry of flavour being passed onto the coffee afterwards as the stainless steel bowl can be properly cleaned.

A built in cooling vent at the bottom of the grinder helps the machine when it is grinding enough coffee for 12 cups. The cord can also be stored in the base to prevent clutter on worktops (something that drives me mad!)


Homgeek Coffee Grinder


Key features of the Homgeek coffee grinder:

  • Customisable settings, so you don’t have to work out how long to press the button for (it does it for you)
  • Can be used for coffee along with other dried nuts, seeds or spices
  • Sleek design, looks like a designer kitchen item
  • Removable stainless steel bowl for easy pouring and cleaning (also dishwasher safe)
  • Set the machine to create 5 different settings from coarse to fine
  • The transparent lid helps you to see the the grinder has done its job


Cons of the Homgeek coffee grinder:

  • The base unit part seems too big for what it actually does – it would be nice if it could be smaller
  • The machine is very loud (as most coffee grinders are)
  • Plastic lid is very stiff at first and is hard to turn to remove


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8. Krups Expert GVX231 Burr Electric Coffee Grinder


Krups Expert GVX231 Burr Coffee Grinder


If you’re looking for an awesome new gadget for your kitchen, be prepared to find it, right now.

I really love this sweet little machine and like the fact even more that you can now be lazy, even when grinding coffee beans!

As quick as it is to open the packet, tip in the beans and hold the button to grind then to the desired finish, it’s even quicker when you can simply press a button and this is all done for you.

The one niggle I have about using a regular coffee grinder is that I am never quite sure just how many beans to use, its usual a guess and I sometimes use too many or too few.

However, the Krups Expert machine takes care of this. You only have to select the number of cups required using the neat dial on the front and press start and the machine will automatically grind the perfect amount of beans for you. (You can keep a small storage of coffee beans in the sealed chamber at the top toffee the supply.)

I wouldn’t keep too many beans in the container at the top for too long though as they can lose freshness after a day or two.

The Krups Expert grinder has a second dial which controls how find you would like the grind to be – very fine for an espresso or more coarse for use in a cafetiere.

I really like the easy of use with this machine and tit does seem like it would cost more than it actually does.

The effort involved in switching from a coarse grind to a fine grind is much quicker when using this machine than with a manual grinder.


Krups Expert GVX231 Burr Coffee Grinder Review


Key features of the Krups Expert coffee grinder:

  • Unique ability to let the grinder do the measuring for you, you simple put beans into the machine, set the dial to the required amount and press start
  • Another dial for level of coarseness desired
  • Dual stainless steel burr grinder (more durable than ceramic)
  • Large bean capacity – the storage container is airtight and can hold 225g of beans the machine can produce up to 12 cups worth of coffee
  • The burr that is used for grinding is removable, to keep the machine clean and running smoothly
  • The burr fineness can be adjusted for 17 different settings


Cons of the Krups Expert coffee grinder:

  • Very loud!
  • Awkward to clean because is it a burr grinder and not a regular blade grinder
  • There is not option for just one cup of coffee.


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9. Melitta Molino Electric Coffee Grinder

Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder


The Melitta coffee grinder is quite similar to the Krups expert one. You can store coffee beans in the top compartment to save you having to open the packet of coffee beans each time you want to make a coffee.

The design of this coffee grinder is quite quirky and modern and will fit nicely into most contemporary kitchens.

The ease of use with this machine is fantastic, there is no mess and there is a convenient plastic container where the ground coffee is collected.

The button and dials are very easy to work, you select how many cups you would like to brew and select the coarseness of the grind you would like.

The grinder in this machine is slightly different to others in that it is a ‘professional disk grinder’ which is supposed to last longer and be more efficient than a standard burr grinder.


Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder Review


Key features of the Melitta coffee grinder:

  • The Melitta controls the grind for you, you just select what you require
  • The dials are very easy to use and changing the level of coarseness is very quick
  • The machine take virtually no setting up, you can have your first grind within minutes of opening this coffee grinder
  • It has a small footprint, so won’t take up much space in your kitchen


Cons of the Melitta coffee grinder:

  • The finest grain is not as fine as some other machines can produce (some people may not like this when making an espresso
  • It is quite difficult to clean inside, and a little dangerous if you are not careful, due to parts being difficult to unscrew and sharp part being located within the grinder
  • There is no option for one cup of coffee as a quantity
  • Burr blades are awkward to access and to remove for cleaning


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10. Bodum 10903-01UK Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder


Bodum coffee grinder


The Body coffee grinder is a really stylish looking grinder, it has the chic and minimalist design look, like the kitchenware by Joseph and Joseph.
I love the bright red buttons which contrast the matte black body and the extra luxury details like the word ‘Bodum’ on the non slip rubber grip around the glass catcher.

The cone shaped tank on top can store 220g of coffee beans and it really easy and quick to top up. It sets the look off perfectly and means I definitely wouldn’t want to store this grinder away in the cupboard I would want to leave it out on show!

Bodum have included a push button for manual grinding control and a timer for set amounts of coffee. (the push button would be an ideal way to grind just enough beans for one mug of coffee.)

There is an adjustable dial to change the grind from a find espresso powder to a more coarse french press with ease.

Something that stand out about this grinder is the ‘borosilicate’ glass catcher (they are usually plastic) this glass is supposed to reduce the static cling of the coffee grounds to make transferring the grounds easier and to reduce the amount of mess (the fine powder does cling to the the sides).

It has stainless steel conical burrs, which Bodum claims ‘preserves the beans intrinsic flavour and aroma’ better.


Bodum coffee grinder


Key features of the Bodum 10903-01 coffee grinder:

  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Timer to set the correct amount of ground coffee you need
  • For one cup of coffee it takes around 2 seconds to grind
  • Good range of ground, from fine to coarse
  • Anti static glass catcher with anti slip grip


Cons of the Bodum 10903-01:

  • It it awkward to clean the grinding burrs, compared to a standard blade
  • It is more expensive than all of the other grinders in my top ten
  • The main colour variations are black and red, this wouldn’t suit every kitchen and would look out of place – a white one would be better
  • The dial is plastic, would be nice if was metal to compliment the rest of the machine better


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