Is Coffee Acidic?

How long do the effect of coffee last?

You may think of sour, tangy or bitter when you hear the word acidic, (or Haribo tangfastics!) However, coffee is acidic, it isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you describe the delicate taste of the perfect brew. On the pH scale, coffee sits at around pH 5, this means it is more … Read more

Is Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

Is coffee good for weightless

The good news is for coffee lovers, that your morning cup of coffee could actually help you to loose weight! Now, let’s not get too excited about this prospect… Drinking one or two cups of coffee in the morning can help to boost your metabolic rate, by stimluating thermogenesis and therefore aid in weight loss. … Read more

Is Coffee Bad For Dogs

Is coffee bad for dogs?

    Yes. Coffee is bad for dogs (and cats!) Whilst it is not necessarily the coffee that is the threat, it is the caffeine found in coffee that can extremely dangerous to dogs, and cats alike. Dogs and cats are far more sensitive to caffeine than humans and even a small amount could lead … Read more

How Long Does Coffee Take To Wear Off?

How long does coffee take to wear off?

I was having a discussion with family members at the weekend about how coffee affects them. Some family members don’t drink coffee at all, one friend was advised by a doctor not to drink coffee or anything with caffeine in. Another family member won’t drink regular coffee after lunch time, and other members of the … Read more

Is It Bad To Drink Coffee At Night?

Is it bad to drink coffee at night?

If you’re like me, you drink a fair few cups of coffee throughout the day, and sometimes drink coffee late in the afternoon without thinking about if it will affect sleep that night. To be honest, I usually don’t have trouble getting to sleep, but I would definitely describe myself as a night owl. (Being … Read more

Does Decaffeinated Coffee Dehydrate You?

Does Decaffeinated coffee dehydrate you

If you’re like me, have probably been nagged numerous times about how coffee is dehydrating or how I should switch coffee for water as I sip on numerous cups of coffee throughout the day.. I also drink decaf coffee after dinner sometimes, or before bed.. I was wondering if decaffeinated coffee has a dehydrating effect? … Read more

Is Decaf Coffee A Laxative?

coffee beans

You may already know that coffee can produce a laxative effect.. this may or may not happen to you. But does decaf coffee have this same laxative effect, or is the effect worse due to the chemical differences in decaf coffee? Initially, it was the caffeine in coffee that’s believed to produce the laxative effect. … Read more

Is Coffee Bad For Your Skin?

is coffee bad for your skin

I am probably somewhat of a coffee addict, I also have problematic skin. No morning is complete without a steady drip feed of coffee… Afternoons aren’t so bad, probably just one or two cups of coffee… But I’m not alone; it is impossible to walk around London, Birmingham, Manchester, or any other city without seeing … Read more

Why Is McDonald’s Coffee So Hot?

Why is Mcdonalds Coffee So Hot

Hands up if you’ve ever ordered a coffee from McDonald’s before and then regretted it because it takes forever to drink because of the insane temperature of the coffee? Me too. Nearly every time. The one exception being the themed and limited edition flavoured coffees – they don’t seem to be as mouth scaldingly hot. … Read more