Is Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

The good news is for coffee lovers, that your morning cup of coffee could actually help you to loose weight!

Now, let’s not get too excited about this prospect…

Drinking one or two cups of coffee in the morning can help to boost your metabolic rate, by stimluating thermogenesis and therefore aid in weight loss.

Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in organisms. (The process of creating heat in our bodies burns calories which in turn, helps us to loose weight.)

This is a pretty minor effect though and will not see you dropping pounds simply by drinking coffee in the morning. But as part of your overall diet, one or two coffees in the morning could definitely be beneficial to weight loss.

However, if you regularly drink more than three cups of coffee a day, you may have developed a higher tolerance to caffeine and therefore not see the effects of this metabolism boost.


Is coffee good for weightless


Coffee as an appetite suppressant

Don’t get us wrong now, we are not saying coffee is a meal replacement. But coffee can actually work as a mild appetite suppressant and help to hold your hunger at bay until the next meal.

Coffee acts as a appetite suppressant because it can stimulate thermogenesis (the creation of heat and energy in the body). This can reduce appetite and send signals to the brain which give you a temporarily reduced need for food.


Do I have to drink black coffee to aid with weight loss?

Whilst black coffee is best to aid with the metabolic boost, a dash of milk won’t hurt. However, a latte, cream, sugar, syrups or anything else super tasty is likely to have the opposite effect on your weight – thanks to the extra calories.