Why Is McDonald’s Coffee So Hot?

Hands up if you’ve ever ordered a coffee from McDonald’s before and then regretted it because it takes forever to drink because of the insane temperature of the coffee?

Me too. Nearly every time.

The one exception being the themed and limited edition flavoured coffees – they don’t seem to be as mouth scaldingly hot.

So why, if so many people feel that McDonald’s coffee is ridiculously hot, do they continue to serve it at that temperature?


Why is Mcdonalds Coffee So Hot


After doing some digging, I have found a number of speculated reasons why McDonald’s coffee is so hot:

  • McDonald’s make their coffee at a high temperature to ensure that it will stay hot it people are travelling or commuting long distances.

(This could be a clever marketing ploy on behalf of McDonald’s – if your coffee is too hot to drink on the way to work, you end up carrying it into work, everyone in your workplace sees and smells it and then wants to buy a coffee.!)

  • According to staff who work in various coffee shops, customers often complain that the coffee served is not hot enough, McDonald’s are certainly covering that basis!
  • There have been and still are many lawsuits every year from people trying to sue McDonald’ for burns caused by their hot coffee – yet they still serve it at the high temperature.

(Perhaps more people prefer hot coffee than the number of people who complain it is too hot! Maybe this validates McDonald’s not changing the temperature!)

  • To combat the danger of burns, McDonald’s improved the coffee cups to a very stiff and safe cardboard cup, instead of changing the temperature of the coffee.



It seems that irrespective of the court cases each year and the endless complaining on Quora, McDonald’s still won’t budge from their extremely hot coffee recipe!

The optimum temperature for coffee to be brewed at is around 80 – 90 degrees, whereas McDonald’s is serving coffee at temperatures of around 130 – 140 degrees!

There is a famous court case in America about a lady who suffered 3rd degree burns from a cup of McDonald’s coffee, you can read more about it here on the Lect Law site¬†or read some fascinating facts about this famous case in this public speech.


The bottom line..

Do you actually enjoy McDonald’s coffee? If you don’t get to drink your coffee until you arrive at work, you are probably fine. But if you’re on the go and want to drink a quick coffee, don’t get it from McDonald’s!

Instead of waiting half an hour to drink your McDonald’s coffee, try out a travel mug and a fancy brew at home coffee maker, it will cost a fraction of the price and you might avoid burning your mouth!!